Leather garments & hair on baby calf

Division specialised in the production of leather for garments and baby calf with hair.
The range of baby calfskins with high quality hair, meets all the various production needs of the leathers used for footwear, leather goods and garments. The high technology of the ITALTAN research and development laboratories has allowed us to create leather with unique softness and shine.
Italtan division is the fashion brand of INiziative Conciarie ASsociate with a wide
range of clothing items ranging from vintage to refined, from elegant to sporty. Baby calf, calf sides, buffalo, kangaroo and lamb skins are the bases on which Italtan remains as a reference point for the leading world fashion brands. Ongoing and constant research, both at the level of drum and the finishing, has allowed us to renew and refine our products, rocketing us at the top of the garment world. Soft and velvety touches, natural grains, items for glove making, and vintage aspects are just a few of the many facets that today make Italtan a key point of INiziative Conciarie ASsociate.