Finishing department

Our finishing department is equipped with the most advanced machinery that allows us to produce a wide range of industrialized articles, highly appreciated in the world of luxury.
Our constant investments have enabled us to introduce sustainable innovations to achieve a low environmental impact and complete protection of our employees.
Our equipment includes:
– Filtered air inlets in the automatic spraying machinery
– Nine automatic spraying machines
– Roller Coating machines
– Spray guns with high-transfer efficiency to reduce excessive coating and thus polluting impact, maintenance, and downtime
– Computer Assisted weighing of chemicals
– Ironing machines
– Boarding machines
– Rolling machines
– Polishing machines
– Glazing (steel and glass) machines
– Ironing machines with modular rollers
– Plating machines
– Impregnation machine
– 6 automatic staking machines
– Arm staking machines
– Toggling machines and membrane expansion machines
– 20 milling drums with humidity and temperature control system