Environmental Policy


Expertise and competence, along with research and innovation, are the foundations of this approach towards work. All those who work within and for INCAS are encouraged to share such attitude with the Management and collaborate to:

  • Ensure accurate management and monitoring of each step of the process so that the final good has the high-quality standards established by the Tannery, as well as the characteristics expected by the client and the relevant, compelling requirements
  • Ensure punctual compliance with the agreed delivery times and with the declared product performances
  • Understand the final customer’s needs, working with the finest adaptability to fulfill personalized and specific demands
  • Ensure transparency and clarity within the communication both with our clients and the rest of the community, including authorities and controlling bodies, especially concerning the environmental aspects linked to the activities, the products, and the services of our Tannery, through an Environmental Statement updated every year
  • Comply with values such as transparency, loyalty, and good faith while doing business with institutions, clients, suppliers, and competitors, avoiding dishonest actions that would violate the subscribed Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility
  • Ensure the full compliance with the compelling requirements, laws, and regulations, applicable in terms of environment, society, and workers’ health and safety (including the National Collective Labour Agreement of the tanning sector)
  • Assess the environmental and quality aspects linked to each new activity, product, or process of our Tannery