INiziative Conciarie ASsociate embodies our relentless pursuit of excellence and our passion for preserving the essence of our leather.

Production organization

Careful work procedures, cutting-edge technologies, attention to the skills of our staff, and our goal-oriented working approach are the key elements of our organization. An articulated system of operating procedures and work instructions leads the activities of our various departments under the direct and continuous control of a team of managers who are aware of the quality level of our products and the importance of guaranteeing their consistency over time. For over ten years, our tannery has been operating with ISO 9001 certification issued by I.CE.C. (Accredited Body by Accredia).

Attention to the customer

A modern organization of customer service staff allows INCAS to professionally and rapidly manage its customer relationships and ensure a personalized service. Today, the Commercial Department counts eight employees dedicated to specific markets or notable clients. INCAS provides continuous assistance and support in all phases of the relationship: prototyping, sampling, and monitoring the deliveries. Attention to the customer means the ability to interpret and fulfill any request.

Research and development of new products

The entire process from research to prototype development to the following industrialization phase is controlled by precise operating procedures and computer tools that give the added value distinguishing INCAS from its competitors. The Testing Laboratory operates in support of the Research Department by carrying out the necessary technical checks to assure the customer of the required performance of materials.

Quality control

High-quality leather production is guaranteed by a system of checks and selections spread throughout the production cycle and carried out by qualified staff with deep knowledge of our ‘leather product’. All quality controls and chemical-physical analyses are recorded and documented. All lots of leather leaving our company are 100% controlled and registered at all stages of the production and selection. No leather is shipped until the Incas Control Plan is proven to be completed and respected.