Our analytical laboratory

Our in-house analytical laboratory performs physical tests and controls on incoming chemicals to ensure quality and consistency during production.
Its equipment includes:
– Flexometer
– Veslic (for rubbing tests)
– Feeler gauge
– Dynamometer (tool for measuring tear strength and tensile strength and finish adhesion)
– Martindale Abrasimeter (for measuring abrasion resistance)
– Lastometer (for measuring grain distension and tensile strength)
– Sunotest (for measuring colour fastness to artificial light)
– Climatic Chamber (for accelerated aging tests using heat and humidity)
– Spray Test (for testing resistance to surface wetting)
– IR Spectrophotometer (Spectrum One Perkin Elmer)
– UV/VIS Spectrophotometer (Lambda 35 Perkin Elmer)
– pH-Meter (Mettler Toledo)