Genuine, certified quality

Hi-Co (High-Contents) is the ICEC-certified process used by Incas to produce natural, metal-free leather, in full compliance with the strictest international norms for baby lines and environmental protection and in line with our ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications.

Process technical specifications

The tanning stages are different than the standard plant-based processes.
The special treatment is carried out using natural tanning extracts, without damaging the environment and with the goal of obtaining an eco-sustainable product.
The wet-tanning process, using the latest automated lines, is entirely computer-controlled, in order to exert complete control over the production process while maintaining maximum quality standards.
After the tanning phase, the hides are subjected to an accurate selection process based on size, thickness, wrinkling and quality.
Over 60 different selection criteria are applied after the tanning process, to satisfy our clients’ demands for quality.
Every step of the Hi-Co process is continuously monitored by INCAS technicians.

Hi.Co process technical specifications

Applied to products “Baby Calf INCAS natural tanning process” Lines: AQUA – TERRA – AER – AER PLUMA

Metals content
(Al, Ti, Zr, Cr, Fe)
EN ISO 17072 – 2 < 0,3% total content of tanning metals (vegetable-tanned leather)
< 0,1% each tanning metal in the tanned leather (metal free)
Azo colorants
(aromatic amines according to chinese  law)
GB/T 19942 n.r.
Pentachlorophenol UNI EN ISO 17070 < 1 mg/kg
Cr VI UNI EN ISO 17075 < 3 mg/kg
Formaldehyde UNI EN ISO 17226-1 < 16 mg/kg
Delta pH
UNI EN ISO 4045 3,2 < pH < 7,5
Delta pH < 0,7
Heavy metals content
(Pb, Cd)
EN ISO 17072 – 2 Pb < 90 mg/kg,
Cd < 40 mg/kg
Tributyltin (TBT) UNI EN ISO 17353 < 0,05 mg/kg
Dibutyltin (DBT) UNI EN ISO 17353 < 1 mg/kg
Extractable heavy metals
(Cr, Pb, Cd, Hg, Se, Ba, As, Sb)
UNI EN 71-03
Safety of toys – Migration of certain elements
Cr < 60 mg/kg – Pb < 90 mg/kg
Cd < 40 mg/kg – Hg < 60 mg/kg
Se < 500 mg/kg – Ba < 1000 mg/kg
As < 25 mg/kg – Sb < 60 mg/kg
Extractable heavy metals
(acid artifical perspiration): Ni, Co, Pb, Cd
EN ISO 17072 – 1 Pb < 3 mg/kg – Cd < 1 mg/kg
Ni < 4 mg/kg – Co < 4 mg/kg

Technical Data Sheet

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